You can now 3D Print a House

Most of the time, when you think about 3D printing, you think of small-scale applications. This is typically true because the size of the print is limited by the size of the printer’s build space. That is, until Chinese company WinSun Decoration Design Engineering got involved in the 3D game. After 12 years of development, their custom 3D printers, which measure 10 by 6.6 meters themselves, now allow WinSun to build gigantic structures. In fact, these printers are so powerful, they are currently used to 3D print a house at the astonishing rate of ten per day.

construction of a 3D printed house

Construction (Gizmag)


A more environmentally-friendly, affordable option

The WinSun printers work much like a standard 3D printer, extruding materials layer by layer until the desired structure is produced. In the case of these printers, the extruded material is a cement-based component that is comprised of bits of glass fiber and leftover construction waste, and the desired structure is a piece of a full-size home. This material means that new homes can literally be built out of old buildings, creating tons of great options for repurposing and recycling existing materials.  This also helps to reduce overhead and limit construction costs. WinSun claims that each home’s shell can be fully constructed for just under $5,000.

The final product and the future of 3D printed building

Once the pieces are assembled, the result is the fully-finished shell of a home with space for plumbing, wiring, and insulation built in.The homes feature gabled roofs and glass fronts for a simple aesthetic. The construction process is evident in the structure of the building itself as each individual layer is easily visible.

These homes provide amazing potential for countries like China that are experiencing rapid urbanization. Because they can be manufactured quickly and cheaply, they can make low-income housing readily available. Plus, with endless potential, there is no reason that the design can’t be tweaked in the future to create magnificent structures of all shapes and sizes.

To see the building process for yourself, check out this video of the printers at work.

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