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Spectra3D Technologies is a 3D focused development company located in Asheville North Carolina, specializing in 3D printed investment casting patterns, tooling, jigs & fixtures, Cosplay prop & more. We use lower cost, industrial 3D printers like Stacker and Fusion3 Design to provide high quality at an affordable price. These are very versatile printers for small series production, large part printing and prototyping. Made in the USA, these printer’s are truly industrial grade 3D printers that are affordable, reliable and accurate.

Leading the Way in 3D Printed Casting Patterns

At Spectra3D Technologies, we specialize in the creation of highly accurate 3d printed investment casting patterns. Our customers demand the highest quality, with our array of industrial 3D printer’s including Stacker and Fusion3 Design 3d printers, we deliver casting models in nearly and shape and size.

What are the benefits of 3D printing for investment Casting:

  • Produce low volume casted parts, opening new markets.
  • Eliminate machined mold costs, saving time and money.
  • reduce cost and space for mold storage.
  • Produce castings never before possible.


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Unique, Custom Finished, 3D Printed Sculpture

Not only can we create highly accurate casting patterns, we produce fully finished 3D printed sculptures to fill any need. Created for use in a augmented reality installation, the example to the right is a fully finished, faux bronze bust of Benny Friedman, printed using our Stacker 3D printers. Contact us today to learn more about how you can get your 3D model printed and finished like this one.