3D Printers Drive Startups

When most people think about bringing in a 3D printer, it is to help expand their existing business. But, with the low overhead of a printer compared to traditional manufacturing practices, some industrious users have turned a 3D printer into their business. Here are some cool examples of how people are putting 3D printing to work for them by a using a 3D printer as a startup.



While Protos Eyewear is certainly not the first company to try to design their own glasses with a 3D printer, it is one of the most interesting. With this innovative concept,you start by taking photos of yourself, using a credit card as a reference point. Then, the computer uses an algorithm to determine which glasses they believe will best suite your unique features. The design team will send you three suggestions for different glasses. Of course, if you don’t like any of the options they present to you, you are free to choose whichever glasses you prefer. After you have decided on your frames, your glasses will be 3D printed to your exact specifications.


Normal Earphones

If you have problems getting earbuds that fit, you may want to check out the offerings at Normal. To make their fully customized earbuds, Normal starts by asking customers to take a photograph of each ear. These photos are a guideline that Normal uses to 3D print custom earbuds out of high-quality ABS plastic. Each earbud is rigorously tested for superior quality.



When giving a piece of jewelry to somebody special, you want to make sure that it is meaningful. To make a piece truly your own, you can’t do better than designing it yourself with the help of Jewlr, a 3D printing jewelry manufacturer. When creating a piece with Jewlr, you start by choosing your a style before selecting your metal, stones, and personal engraving. The individualized piece is 3D printed. Then, it is cast in metal, the stones are set, and the engraving is completed by laser.


With the power of 3D printing, you can get your startup off the ground at a fraction of the price when compared to traditional manufacturing methods. Plus, with the Stratasys Mojo price drop, professional grade 3D printing is more affordable than ever. To learn more about starting a 3D printing business, contact us at Spectra3D Technologies.