Digital Dentistry

3D printing makes digital dentistry happen For a growing number of dental lab owners, digital dentistry is already here. With 3D printing as part of their business strategy, dental and orthodontic labs can speed production while improving quality and precision.

model_biocompatible_guides13D printing takes the efficiencies of digital design to the production stage. By combining oral scanning, CAD/CAM design and 3D printing, dental labs can accurately and rapidly produce crowns, bridges, stone models and a range of orthodontic appliances.

With a 3D printer doing the hard work, dental labs eliminate the bottleneck of manual modeling and let the business grow. For those eager for the day when everything from scheduling to finished restoration can be achieved digitally and automatically, the future is here.

Learn more in dentist and lab testimonials and expert information below, or attend an event to meet digital dentistry experts face-to-face.

World-Leading Technology, Tailored for You

Stratasys believes the future of dentistry is digital. So whether you run a small dental or orthodontic practice, or the largest lab, we’ve created a dental 3D printing solution for your business. Click on any printer below to learn more, and start gaining greater capacity, faster turnaround, smoother workflow, and happier customers and patients.

Albensi Laboratories

By adopting the Objet 3D Printing solution, Albensi Laboratories was able to realize a complete digital workflow for in-house fabrication of models, abutments, coping/crowns and bridges of any size or combination.

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By teaming up 3Shape’s Dental System™ and Objet’s Eden 260V™ 3D Printing System, Allure Dental Studio was able to realize a complete digital workflow for in-house fabrication of models, abutments, coping/crowns and bridges of any size or combination.

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APEX Dental Milling Center

APEX Dental Milling Center was impressed with the ease and speed of the Objet Eden260V 3D Printing System. Staff quickly learned how to use the system and initiate efficient production and the company soon discovered that the Objet 3D Printer radically speeded up its normal manufacturing workflows.

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Multi-Material 3D Printing of Dental Stone Model With Rubber-Like Gum

Avi Cohen, head of medical and dental solutions, explains the superior precision of stone models printed in a combination of rigid and flexible materials.

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At the Heart of Digital Dentistry: Delivering dental restorations within 48 hours

Don Albensi, CEO of Albensi Dental Laboratories, reveals its trademarked PG-Pro workflow, which enables production of dental restorations faster and at an exceptionally lower cost than previous methods.

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Perfecting Dental Treatments With 3D Printed Models & Removable Dies

Learn how 3D printed dental models and removable dies achieve more precise dental treatments and ultimately provide a better experience for the patient.

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Seamless Integration Of The exocad® Model Creator With The Stratasys Eden260V 3D Printing System

The exocad Model Creator can create models from intra-oral or impression scans. Learn how this system integrates with the Stratasys Eden260V 3D printing system to create 3D model solutions.

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