3D Printing in Education

Build the future, one model at a time

“Our partners [in industry] have praised UVA graduates for immediately understanding crucial design concepts.”

— Dwight Dart, design lab engineer, University of Virginia

Integral to Discovery

Tomorrow’s engineers, designers and problem solvers deserve every tool available to build a brilliant future. 3D printing fuels limitless creativity when students get to see, hold and test their ideas in real space.

Bringing 3D printing into the classroom exposes learners to the same cutting-edge technologies they’ll encounter in their careers. It gives them a jump-start on tomorrow’s challenges. For researchers, Stratasys 3D Printing breaks barriers with unmatched material capabilities, including impressive detail, precision and durability.

To learn how 3D printing empowers schools, universities and laboratories, check out these resources:

Visit our application page to see how Stratasys is expanding what 3D printing can do for designers and engineers across industries.

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Learn How 3D Printing Works

PolyJet technology creates precise models, even with rubber-like, rigid, clear and multi-material components. Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology builds tough models out of production-grade thermoplastics. Find out what happens inside a 3D printer to transform your 3D CAD data into a real object.