3D printing brings fantasy worlds to life

Like a magic portal between imagination and reality, 3D printing makes characters and props from ideas every day. You’ve probably seen 3D printed characters onscreen — without even realizing it. In a business where every product is custom and unprecedented, 3D printing offers quick, agile fabrication. Effects studios, filmmakers and game designers use it in some of their most demanding projects.

Stage and Screen

Hollywood special effects studio Legacy Effects uses 3D printing to make blockbuster movies. And remember the farm family in Chipotle’s award-winning 3D animation “Back to the Start”? They were 3D printed. Bono even swung from a 3D printed custom microphone during U2’s world tour. Read 3D printing case studies from the entertainment industry here, and be sure to follow Stratasys on Facebook or Twitter for the next appearance of 3D printed magic.