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Spectra3D was founded in 2015 by two entrepreneurs who were passionate about 3D printing. They saw the potential of 3D printing to change the world, and they wanted to be a part of that change.

The future of 3D printing is bright. The technology is constantly evolving, and new applications for 3D printing are being discovered all the time. We believe that 3D printing has the potential to change the world, and we are excited to be a part of that change.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the catalyst for individuals and businesses to adopt additive manufacturing through direct interaction, community outreach and a dedication to customer service.

About Spectra3D

Welcome to Spectra3D, your trusted partner in conquering your production projects and overcoming supply chain disruptions through the power of 3D printing and micro-manufacturing. Located in picturesque Weaverville, North Carolina, we are committed to promoting the transformative potential of 3D printing for businesses in the Western North Carolina region and beyond.

At Spectra3D, we take pride in providing a comprehensive range of resources to support the entire 3D printing ecosystem, including printing services and design support. Our expert team is dedicated to assisting customers interested in entering the world of 3D printing, offering personalized consulting services to help determine the optimal 3D printer setup and ensure its effective usage.

Together, we can harness the immense potential of 3D printing technology to revolutionize the way you do business, save time, and reduce costs. Join us on this exciting journey to create a brighter, more efficient future

Our Team

Steven Schain


  • Serial entrepreneur
  • 30+ years mechanical design experience
  • 10+ years 3D Printing experience
  • 25 years Autodesk software training

Jerry LePore


  • Entrepreneur
  • 30+ years production experience
  • 10+ years 3D printing experience
  • 20+ years shop management

The Spectra3D Difference

With machines that can print everything from prescription pills to entire homes, the news is full of stories about 3D printing. At Spectra3D, we truly believe that 3D printing has the power to change the way the world does business and we want to help you capture this immense potential. Whether you are a business owner, school official, aspiring entrepreneur, or a home enthusiast, 3D printing can help you save significant amounts of time and money.

At Spectra3D, we are focused on working with investment casting companies, helping them reap the financial and production benefits of using 3D printing for the creation of casting investments. We work directly with you to help introduce you to the ever-expanding world of 3D printing. Although 3D printing may be new to many, we have been working with the technology for years, giving us the experience we need to introduce you to the printer, design support, and training that can help you cut through the hype of 3D printing and put its tools to work for you.

If you want to see the power and precision of a printer for yourself, we will be happy to print you a sample piece. You should always feel free to contact us by sending us an email or giving us a call at (828) 490-1303.

We look forward to being your resource for Asheville 3D printing.

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