Top 10 3D Printed Holiday Gifts

Top 10 3D Printed Holiday Gifts

Now that Thanksgiving is over and the Black Friday madness has passed, it is really time to start checking the remaining names off of your gift list. If you are looking for something truly unique that you will not find anywhere else, a 3D printed design is a great option. With sites like Thingiverse and My Mini Factory, you don’t need to know anything about 3D design. All you have to do is find the design, contact us with the information, and we will print it out on our Stratasys uPrint SE Plus or MakerBot Replicator. To help you find a little inspiration for your gift, we have combed the internet to find the top 10 3D 3D printed holiday gifts.

10. Something for the centerpiece

Twisted Style 3D printed vase



If you are looking for the perfect hostess gift, consider this unique 3D printed vase. Designed with a twisted style, this vase has tons of intricate line work and a nice, classic design with contemporary touches. For an extra special surprise, present it to your host or hostess with a bouquet of flowers already tucked inside.

9. Cloud Storage

Cloud-shaped storage 3D printed model


For all of your techy friends, give them a great way to organize any office with this cute little gag gift that they will actually use. The cloud-shaped storage container is printed in two pieces for a great place to keep your trinkets or small office supplies.

8. A blizzard of snowflakes

3D printed snowflake ornaments


If you are interested in learning more about 3D printing and want a simple place to start, take a look at these snowflakes. With multiple designs available, these downloads give you the tools to make your own simple tweaks to customize an array of snowflake ornaments.

7. A custom piece of jewelry

3D printed bracelet


While there are many bracelets available out there in 3D printing land, this bracelet struck us as particularly cool. With its organic curves and intricate design, this is sure to generate plenty of compliments for whoever is lucky enough to receive this holiday gift.



6. Gear iPhone case

3D printed iphone case with working gears


Like bracelets, there are tons of iPhone cases to choose from. The reason that we chose this particular model is, not only is it a slick design that is sure to get noticed, but it is also a lot of fun. You will be amazed at how addicting it can be to absentmindedly play with the little gears.

5. Super fan paraphernalia

3D printed model of the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones


No matter what show, movie, video game, or novel your gift recipient is a fan of, you are sure to find the perfect 3D printed item. Give the gift of a Barbarian King from Clash of the Clans, a Stormtrooper helmet, or a miniature copy of the Iron Throne.



4. Reindeer Antlers

3D printed reindeer antlers


Even your pets can get in on the 3D fun. With these miniature, wearable antlers, your pooch will look adorable as one of Santa’s little helpers.


3. Snowball maker

3D printed snowball maker


Is there someone in your life that takes their snowball fights seriously? Well, this gift is for him. With handles and a perfectly round shape, this snowball mold can help you create snowballs that are the perfect shape and size each time.


2. Radiolab Skull

3D printed model of historic skull


This print was brought to our attention by one of our clients and we thought that it was really cool and the perfect gift for anyone who loves history. First, check out the Radiolab podcast that tells the interesting story of this ancient child’s skull. Then, have the piece printed so you can really bring the tale to life.

1. Veggie toys

3D printed parts to turn veggies into cars, planes, and helicopters.


This creation is so whimsical and fun, we had to put it at the top of our list. These little 3D printed parts are designed to stick into veggies to create an amazing assortment of cars, helicopters, birds, and much more.



These fun 3D prints are a great way to give your friends and relatives an amazing gift that they can’t get anywhere else. For more information about creating your 3D print, contact us at Spectra3D Technologies.


Disclaimer: actual print quality can vary significantly depending on the quality of the online design. If necessary, we will work with you to modify the design into a printable form.



3D Design: Cell Phone Cradle

3D Design: Cell Phone Cradle

3D Design: Cell Phone Cradle

The Inspiration

Recently, having my cell phone just lying flat on my desk began to annoy me ever so slightly. When I was in the middle of working on the computer and my phone buzzed, I wanted to be able to glance over at the screen without it pulling me away from my workflow. Plus, if I wanted to watch a video, hovering awkwardly over the phone was less than ideal. This inspired my newest design for this cool little cell phone cradle.

3D Printed Cell Phone Cradle

3D Printed Cell Phone Cradle

The Design

At first, my idea was to just create a simple cradle that would let me keep my phone upright near my computer. I quickly realized that, since I am often charging my phone while it is on my desk, making it easy to plug in while it was in the cradle was essential. To facilitate this, I added a split in the middle of the base of the cradle so that the charger chord will fit through the bottom. I also made it large enough that my phone can slip in and out of the cradle without having to unplug it from the charger.

The Cradle is designed to be able to easily charge while in use.

The Cradle is designed to be able to easily charge while in use.

Then, I started to really think about the functionality of a phone cradle and how I would like to be able to use my phone. I realized that something else that often bothers me when I am using my phone at my desk is how quiet the speakers are, especially when they are competing with the drone of the printer. By adding sound channels to redirect the sound from the speaker area to the front of the phone, I was able to significantly amplify the sound.

The channels in the design that amplify the sound

The channels in the design that amplify the sound

When comparing the sound quality of the phone with and without the cradle, those little channels really do make quite a difference.

How you can get your own cell phone cradle?

If you would like to download your own copy of my cell phone cradle design, you can find it in a few different places, including

Solving the Belt Problem with 3D Printing

Solving the Belt Problem with 3D Printing

Creating a Belt Hangar for 3D Printing.

The Belt Problem!

Have you ever noticed that your belts don’t really have a home? If you’re anything like me, one day you will find your favorite belt rolled up in the sock drawer and the next day it will be draped over the towel rack. Well, the other day, I decided to put an end to this – my belt would get a designated place once and for all.
After deciding how many belts I would like to hang, in my case I decided six would be ideal, I started designing my new belt holder. Since I have some extra closet space, a design that resembled a traditional clothes hanger would be the most convenient.

The Design.

Belt Hangar Design

Belt Hangar Design

As a user of Autodesk Inventor, I was able to bring my concept to life with the aid of the design software. By choosing to place my prongs slanted upward, the belts can easily snap in place and by facing the belts backward, I can keep the prong of the belt buckle locked into place, preventing the belt’s hardware from wearing out. Then, I just hit print and let my Stratasys UPrint SE Plus, which I am a reseller for, do the work. In just a couple of hours, my print was complete.

The Final Product.

Belt Hangar installed

Belt Hangar installed

Now, each morning when I reach for my belt, I know that I can always find it hanging safe and sound in my closet. Plus, because of the beauty of 3D printing, whenever my belt collection grows further, I can simply print out another belt holder.
If you are interested in learning more about how 3D printing can help you get organized and offer simple solutions to real-world problems, contact us at Spectra 3D.

3D Printing 101: A Practical Application

3D Printing 101: Creating a New Wheel for a Dishwasher

3D Printing to the rescue!

If you pay much attention to the news, you will see all sorts of wonderful stories about the power of 3D printing, or additive manufacturing. From a German engineering team who has discovered how to forgo the assembly line and print an entire 3D car, to scientists who are working on printing a fully-functioning human heart, the prospects for 3D print are astonishing. But with all of these groundbreaking advancements, many readers who are not highly trained scientists or engineers are left wondering – what can 3D printing do for them?

In response, I give you, the dishwasher wheel.

A Practical Application

While cleaning up my kitchen the other day, I found that one of the wheels on my dishwasher was cracked and unusable. Knowing how ordering spare parts for appliances can be a huge pain, I was not looking forward to going online, hoping to find the correct model, or, if not, waiting on hold with customer service, then paying for the part plus shipping and handling, and waiting for weeks for the part to arrive.

Dishwasher wheel missing!

Dishwasher wheel missing!

But then it hit me, this is a great application for my Stratasys uPrint SE Plus 3D printer.

The Wheel and Clip

Using one of the unbroken wheels as a guide, I carefully measured each piece and plugged the calculations into Autodesk’s Inventor design software.

Measure the original parts

Measure the original parts

Then, I just sat back and waited while my Stratasys uPrint SE Plus created an exact duplicate of my existing wheel.

The 3D Printed parts

The 3D Printed parts

A side by side comparison

A side by side comparison

Here is a comparison of the original wheel on the left with the 3D printed wheel on the right.


I snapped the wheel in the place of the broken one and it works like a charm. No need to deal with all of the hassle.

Final Installation

Final Installation

This experience got me thinking about all of the other practical uses my printer has for replacing broken or worn out parts. With the power of the uPrint SE Plus 3D printer, I can replace nearly ant plastic part, like the handle on a drawer, or replicate all of those tiny pieces missing from my board game sets, even print period appropriate handles for a vintage dresser. Amazingly, I can create these entirely customized pieces from scratch and have them ready to go in a matter of hours, not weeks.
While this doesn’t yet replace purchasing a part from the manufacturer, it makes it possible to replace hard to find parts, or parts that are no longer made.
I hope you will stop back by this blog soon to follow us as we continue our exploration of the amazing practical applications of 3D printing. If you would like to learn more about 3D printing and how you can make it work in your company or home office, email us for more information.

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