For Hobbyists

3D Printing at Home

If you love to take things apart to see how they work, if you always have a better idea of how something should be made, or if you can’t stop playing with your design software, affordable consumer-level printers are a dream come true.

Once you have a 3D printer in your home, it becomes your answer to every project. Do you need a new handle for a dresser drawer? 3D print it. Do you want to surprise your kids with a totally unique action figure? 3D print it. Did you break off a dishwasher wheel? 3D print it. With just a few basic design skills and a 3D printer, a solution is always at your fingertips.

Design Software

Learning 3D design may be easier than you think. There are tons of free programs available online. We also offer classes around the WNC area, live custom training, and online training  through CADLearning.

A few helpful links to get you started include:

Don’t Want to Learn Design Software? No Problem.

There are plenty of sites full of print files that you can download. With hundreds of thousands of designs available, there are plenty of files to keep your printer humming around the clock.

Some of our favorite sites include: