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We’re the first link in the new supply chain.
Bringing manufacturing back to America through 3D Printing.

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Net Income Growth

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Investment Casting, Jigs & Fixtures, Props, Sculpture, Prototypes, Low Run Production, Collectables

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Accelerating Growth!

Welcome to Spectra3D Technologies

Spectra3D Technologies is a full service 3D printing company producing high quality parts for industrial manufacturing companies and more…

Our Mission

“Be the catalyst for the evolution of our client’s adoption of 3d fabrication in industrial casting.”

We make cool stuff!





The Marketplace for 3D Printing

3D fabrication has expanded into a wide range of new and exciting markets.

Growth of the U.S. 3D Printing Market

While we provide 3D printing services, our main focus in on the industrial casting market. 

Industrial Casting is a High Growth Market

The industry was slow to adopt 3D printing and is now catching up with the demands of the market.

The Problem for Traditional Industrial Casting

Traditional investment casting is a costly and time consuming process. This makes it out of reach for many looking for cast parts.

Our 3D Fabrication Provides the Ideal Solution

3D Printing simplifies the process, removing several steps, saving time and thousands of dollars for customers. 

Our Unique Solution

Our clients love our proprietary method for printing large casting patterns.

We are the 3D Printing Solution for Industrial Casting

Our Core Competencies

We do more than just casting pattern printing.

How we Make Money

Core Competancies

Growing the Company

A Strategy focused on growth.

Core Competancies

Total Sales Growth

Core Competancies

Competition and Our Path to Investor Returns

Our company is a potential acquisition target for large organizations looking to get into the market space.

Core Competancies

Funding Allocation

Core Competancies

Our Team

Core Competancies

Join us on our Path Towards Exit

Core Competancies


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