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FDM 3D Printers

Check out the machines we use to create our custom designed, 3D printed goods.

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Specifically designed for dual material prints, especially soluble support, the Stacker S2 can be used for making two of the same parts at once.

With the ability to print with up to four heads at once, the Stacker S4 allows the heads to work together for multi-material printing. Learn more about the Stacker S4 here.

With a build volume of 610 x 610 x 610mm, and the ability to print with up to four heads at once, the Stacker S4-XL allows the heads to work together for multi-part printing. Learn more about the Stacker S4-XL here.


The Fusion3 F400-S prints quickly with an excellent surface finish, offering the perfect combination of quality and speed. Learn more about the Fusion 3 F400-S here.

A Classic Fusion3 Design 3D printer, the F306 provided impressive print speed and print quality compared to the 3D printers available at that time. With a recent in-house upgrade, this printer is now a modern, highly capable 3D printer.

SLA/MSLA 3D Printers

Check out the machines we use to create our custom designed, 3D printed goods.


The Formlabs Form 3 uses a flexible tank and linear illumination to deliver incredible surface quality and print accuracy. Learn more about the Formlabs Form 3 here.

The XiP, an ultrafast desktop resin 3D printer, combines a small, compact footprint with 4.8L build volume. This allows users to create prototyping and production-grade components for engineering, dental, medical, education, and other industries. . Learn more about the Nexa3D XiP here.

Anycubic Photon Ultra is a groundbreaking consumer DLP 3D printer, co-engineered with Texas Instruments to introduce Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology. Learn more about the Anycubic Photon Ultra here.

Printers we proudly use for your production

FDM 3D Printers:

Stacker: Stacker XL | Stacker S4 | Stacker S4 IDEX | Stacker S2

Fusion 3 Design: F306 | F400

Creality: CR-30 Printmill | Ender 3 V2

Craftbot 3

Snapmaker A350

Folgertech FT-5

Qidi i-fast

SLA 3D Printers:

Formlabs Form 3

Nexa3D XiP

Epax E10 8K

Anycubix Photon Ultra

Our Industry Partners




Spectra3D helped us develop our blog’s 2D robot mascot into a 3D figurine so we could take it with us to appearances. The 3D robot is a great addition to our table; we love having it and our readers enjoy seeing the mascots come alive.

- Sarah and Jim

Spectra3D helped me to better understand 3D printing technology, and lead me to the options that are best for my project.  With their help, I now have a 3D printable product that I am selling.  The assistance I received is invaluable.  Spectra3D is the go-to resource for 3D printing equipment and services in Asheville.

- Joseph H. Adams

These guys are amazing! They did an amazing 3D wheelchair for my business! Not only was it perfect, it went above my expectations! They are really easy to work with and exceeding all of my expectations! I get high mark reviews wherever I go! We LOVE these business card holders!

- Amy Hills, Limb Tech

Steve and Spectra3D Technologies were wonderful to work with. We appreciated their responsive, personal attention, and the renderings they developed for us will be invaluable as we grow our business. 

- Jessie Shires


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