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Buy Two Give One (Learn More) 300x600A 3D printer in the classroom helps students bring their ideas to life

Whether you teach engineering or history, 3D printing allows you to create vibrant classroom aids and design projects that truly engage students.

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Simple ideas for:

  • English Teachers: Help your students print and design the setting of the novel you are studying.
  • History Teachers: Design or download historical artifacts to let your students get up close and personal with a piece of the past.
  • Math Teachers: Make it easier than ever to understand complex geometry concepts by letting your students hold the shape in their hands.
  • Science Teachers: If you find that your students are squeamish about dissections, try downloading a frog model instead.
  • STEM Teachers: Make the design cycle more intriguing by allowing the students to actually create their objects. If a print fails, students are able to problem solve and tweak their design to create a successful print.
  • Art Teachers: Fill your classroom with prints of your favorite sculptures, or let students make their own digital sculptures.

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