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Our 3D Printed Office – Network Cables

Our 3D Printed Office – Network Cables

Chords and clutter

wall cluttered with netowrk cables.


At Spectra3D Systems, we have an office problem that we think many of you can relate to – cluttered network cables. For years, we have done what we could to organize them by bundling the chords and shoving them into corners, over doorways, and behind wall hangings. But eventually, we decided that it was time to conquer the clutter.

So we turned to our 3D printer for help. . .

We decided to design a contraption to neatly hold the chords tightly in place as they stretched across the ceiling. The system we devised utilized four different pieces.

The first is a clip that is fitted to snap over the metal part of the ceiling between the tiles.

The second piece includes individual slots for each of the cables to fit inside of. We printed three different sizes so that they would hold either two, four, or six cables at a time.

The third piece then snaps over the top of the second piece to hold the cables in place.

The fourth piece allows you to gently re-route the cables if you want them to switch directions. This works great for us because we have several cables originating from the same space before heading to different computers and printers throughout the room.

We printed the pieces on our Stratasys uPrint SE Plus printer.

Steve hanging the cables

Steve hanging the cables

Then we snapped the pieces into place

Everything fit perfectly.

The first piece snapped right into the ceiling and the slots for the wires had just enough space to allow us to pull the wires through a bit to avoid any sagging while holding them tightly. The rounded pieces worked really well to divert some of the wires toward the computers on the other side of the room. Now, our cables look nice and streamlined.

Organize your office too

Coming soon will be a way for you to organize your office, please feel free to contact us.




3d printed devices to organize network cables


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