Future-Proof Your Organization with 3D Printing Training.

Live Training

Online Training

With faster prototyping, greater customization, and endless possibilities, 3D printing can help any organization reach that next level of efficiency and innovation. Yet, as with any disruptive technology, there is a learning curve. That’s where the training experts at Spectra3D Technologies can help. With options for customized live training and self-paced online training available from CADLearning, we can help make your transition into 3D printing as easy as possible.

Your company is our top priority, our industry-leading training and consulting services are designed to help your company be more efficient, produce higher quality results, and increase your bottom line. With programs available for a variety of Autodesk software, you have the power to grow your company and develop your talent with 3D printing training.

Beyond 3D Printing

While our main focus is 3D printing, our training services go well beyond the 3D ecosystem. With expertise in a wide variety of programs, including AutoCAD, 3ds Max, and Maya, we can help your organization with anything from drafting to animations. For more information about our trainers and their expertise, check out our live training page.

Our Training Philosophy

Our training philosophy is simple, teach in a way that effectively transfers knowledge and enhances an individual’s ability to accomplish his or her goals. To help you grow beyond your current limitations, we strive to give you and your staff the tools you need to think through problems and develop creative solutions.

  • We do not believe in “Buttonology.” Training is more than showing you what the program does, it is about making it work for you.
  • Training provides the foundation for increased production efficiency, higher-quality output, and better job satisfaction. An employee who has received proper training is a better employee and a more valuable asset to any company.
  • Our Spectra3D training courses are developed with the involvement of our clients and are implemented using proven hands-on techniques. This approach to training empowers individuals in both their professional and personal pursuits, enhancing troubleshooting skills and laying the groundwork for continued growth.

What do our clients say?

“As an advanced user of 3D Studio Max I was looking to take my knowledge of the package a step farther. Steve was able to do just that with his thorough knowledge of the software and his clear and concise training instruction. For beginners to advanced users you will not find a better trainer.” – William Judge, Technical Animation Director, Applied Research Associates Inc.

Ready to get started?

Let’s chat about how we can put Autodesk software and 3D printing training to work for you. Just contact us or call the office at (828) 490-1303. We look forward to discussing how we can customize a training program to meet your organization’s Autodesk training needs.

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