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Here are some example of the courses we have delivered to our clients through The 3D Professor. We provide both standard and custom training; our custom training is specially developed to fit the needs of our clients.

3DS Max

  • Getting to know 3DS Max – Fundamentals
  • Animation Previsualization
  • Game Concept Development
  • Design and Architectural Visualization
  • A Guide to Photo-realistic Rendering



  • Introduction to Maya
  • Logo Creation and Rendering
  • Modeling, Texturing, and Animation
  • Special Effects Animation



  • Showcase Fundamentals
  • Importing Files for Visualization
  • Material Application and Options
  • Scene Lighting for Maximum Impact



  • Understanding the Mudbox Interface
  • 3D Sculpting and Painting Basics
  • Utilizing Levels of Detail
  • UV and PTEX Mapping Basics



  • AutoCAD 101
  • Solid Modeling
  • Using AutoCAD Parametrics
  • Creating and Editing Dynamic Blocks



  • Inventor Fundamentals
  • Creating Parts and Assemblies
  • Working with Constraints
  • Another Look: Presentations and Rendering in Inventor


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